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Welcome to our Staff and Governors page, please see below for more information.

Mark Maksymiw

Deputy Headteacher:
Claire Wilson

Assistant Headteacher:
Ian Reeve

Administration Team:
Mary Jones, Leanne Wheeler, Deb Fuller, Wendy Insley, Julie Ralph and Chrissy Kataria

Oak (Acorn):
Sarah Gostelow, Amber March, Abby Bookham, Helen Branston

Oak (Catkin):
Ele Wilkins, David Day, Tracey Lee, Sarah Noyland, Michelle Middle

Year 1 Willow:
Gwendolyn Olaleye, David Day, Amanda Hart and Lucy Tabor-Harris

Year 1 Ash:
Alice Lawes, Mel Hardwick and Sonia Myers

Year 2 Beech:
Ian Reeve, Helen Barrow, Rachael Cloherty and Elaine Coultas

Year 2 Pine:
Sarah Mason, Nicol Hann and Casey Coughlan

Year 3 Spruce:
Claire Wilson, Lisa Williams and Julie Foster

Year 3 Birch:
Richard Onions and Wendy Stephens

Year 4 Hazel:
Hayley Smith, Deb Cooper and Claire Leake

Year 4 Larch:
Jessica Chambers and Jane Critchlow

Year 5 Chestnut:
Julia Mann and Julie Taylor

Year 5 Holly:
Suzanne Wynne and Julie Lacey

Year 6 Cedar:
Matthew Law, Ben Taylor and Faith Glassar

Year 6 Redwood:
Stephen Cook and Debbie Tack

Jacky Crown

Diane Lopeman

Elizabeth Bristowe

Debbie Tack (HLTA)

Sharron Pears (Learning Mentor)

Harry Taylor (Sports Ambassador)

Rachael Cloherty

Lucy Cartwright (Sports Apprentice)

Richard Gegan

Ian Payne*

Eddie Daly – Site Manager

Sue Wylie, Cathy Ashworth, Elaine Smith and Rachel Preston

Robinson, Wendy Towell

Liz Wesley (Dining Hall Manager)
Elaine Smith, Jo Sciepanow, Rachel Preston

Liz Barrowcliff (Midday Manager)
Charlotte Smith, Angela Newton, Di Burnett, Hayley Brown, Michelle Middle, Sam Smith, Lisa Adkin and Lucy Tabor-Harris

* Staff marked with an asterisk work part-time. Please ask at the office if you need more information about their working hours.



Full governing body
Meets twice a termChair: Emma Moore
Committees which meet each half term
Finance committee

Chair: Barry Bookham

Remit: Finance policy, charging and remissions policy, monitoring school budget

Resources committee

Chair: Bernard Fowler 

Remit: all matters relating to staffing and premises issues

Strategy committee

Chair: Emma Moore

Remit: monitoring the school development plan, longer term strategy and ethos

Pupils committee

Chair: Bobby Peach

Remit: all matters relating to pupils’ progress and welfare

Committees which meet less frequently 
Pay committee 

Chair: Nikki Ranzetta

Remit: Performance related pay decisions

Audit committee

Chair: Rachel Phillips

Remit: Probity and compliance

Appeals Committee

Chair: Rachel Phillips

Remit: Hears appeals against pay decisions



Appointing body Date office commenced Date office ceases/ceased Business and pecuniary interests Attendance at full board meetings 2015-16 Attendance at committee meetings 2015-16
Nikki Miles Parents 26thNovember 2015 25 November 2019 3 of possible 3
Jo Roughton Parents 10th March 2016 9th March 2020 Employed by Focus Charity 2 of possible 2
Emma Moore Governing body 23rdSeptember 2015 22ndSeptember 2019 Director of Print Monkey UK Ltd

Trustee of Alex’s Wish Reg Charity

5 of possible 5
Barry Bookham Parents 8th December 2014 7th December 2018 Employed by Loughborough University.  Wife employed by Outwoods Edge 5 of possible 5 F:5 of possible 5
Julie Ralph Members Employed by Outwoods Edge Primary School 2 of possible 4
Bernard Fowler Members 1st December 2013 30th November 2017 Director of European Electronics 5 of possible 5 F:4 of possible 5
Nikki Ranzetta Members 8th July 2014 7th July 2018 Employed by GL Industrial Service UK Ltd 2 of possible 5
Claire Wilson Ex officio 1st December 2012 On leaving post Employed by Outwoods Edge Primary School 4 of possible 5
Mark Maksymiw Ex officio 1st December 2012 On leaving post Employed by Outwoods Edge Primary School 5 of possible 5 F:5 of possible 5
Debbie Tack Staff 4th November 2014 3rd November 2018 Employed by Outwoods Edge Primary School 1 of possible 5
Rachel Phillips Governing body 2nd July 2015 1st July 2019 Employed by Pepsico 3 of possible 5
Bobby Peach Governing body 9th February 2013 8th February 2017 None 2 of possible 5
Katie Masters Parents  10th March 2016 9th March 2020 Employed by British Gypsum 2 of possible 2
Emma Jeffries Parents 26thSeptember 2015 5 of possible
Paula Longley Parents 10th March 2016 5 of possible F:1 of possible 3
David Round Parents 4th July 2016 5 of possible 5 F:4 of possible 5
Emma Nadin Parents 28th November 2016 27th November 2010  Employed by Loughbrough University

All governors, except the Headteacher and deputy Headteacher, are appointed for a term of four years

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