Meet Bee!

Meet Bee, our School Dog!

Bee joined the Outwoods Edge family in June 2020 and is now definitely part of the furniture! She is loved by staff and children alike and brings both smiles and mild chaos to those around her!

Now that she is fully grown, she is beginning to work more with children - both individuals and groups - in her role as part of the Wellbeing Team, alongside Miss Peel and Miss Coughlan (see photos below). If you would like further information about Bee's role in school, please read the information in our 'School Dog Guidelines' below.

Bee's development

We have loved watching Bee grow and learn - just look how big she is now!

Bee's antics

Bee loves going for walks and over winter we learnt that she loves the snow! She also likes getting up to mischief, particularly when it comes to destroying paper or cardboard...! She also likes a good snooze, sometimes in very funny positions indeed!

Canine Education

Our Assembly to learn about Bee and her body language

Our School Dog.pdf

How we behave around Bee

bds classroom poster_portrait digital.pdf

How we say hello to Bee

bds classroom poster_landscape digital.pdf


School Dog Guidelines

School dog guidelines.pdf