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Exclusion Arrangements

At Outwoods Edge Primary School, fixed term or permanent exclusions will always be the last resort and will be used only in extreme cases of inappropriate behaviour or when all other attempts to engage a child in changing their behaviour have failed. Further details of the school’s approach to managing children’s behaviour is available in our Behaviour Policy.

Only the Headteacher or senior staff member acting on behalf of the Headteacher may exclude a child. There are two types of exclusion from school:

  • fixed period exclusion is when your child is told not to go to school for a specific number of days
  • permanent exclusion is when your child is expelled from school and can’t go back to the same school

Details about both types of exclusions are available in our Exclusions Policy.

If your child is excluded from school, we will let you know as soon as possible. Exclusions can start on the same day as the behaviour is reported to the Headteacher. You will receive a letter to tell you:

  • why your child is being excluded
  • how long your child is being taken out of school, if it’s fixed or permanent
  • what you can do if you disagree with the exclusion

When you receive this information you can, if you wish, appeal against the decision to the Governing Body. We will inform you how to make such an appeal. The appeal is considered by a group of governors.

The Governing Body itself cannot either exclude a child or extend the exclusion period made by the Headteacher. When an appeals panel meets to consider exclusion, they consider the circumstances in which the child was excluded, consider any representation by parents and the LA, and consider whether the child should be reinstated. If the governors’ Appeals Panel decides that a child should be reinstated, the Headteacher must comply with this ruling. If they uphold the Headteacher’s decision, the exclusion stands.


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