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Broneirion Hall Residential 2018

Broneirion Hall Residential 2018


Day 4

Although we have a carefully planned itinerary for the week, this is reviewed daily to take account of the weather and other factors. Safety is at the heart of every decision that is made at outdoor and adventure centres. As a result, some of the children have experienced slightly different activities, which you will notice in the photographs,  but I’m pleased to report they all speak excitedly in the evenings about their daily adventures. The instructors and staff at Benin Adventure and Broneirion Hall have been wonderful and we’d like to extend a huge thank you to them for all that they’ve done to keep us safe and help us make wonderful memories. The children are currently beginning to pack up ready for our departure tomorrow, although they are keeping their waterproofs close at hand! Tonight we will have our traditional ‘Variety Performance’. As I’m sure you can imagine, the children are very much looking forward to this. In the morning, the children will have to finish their packing and organise their luggage for the trip home.  We will have our final sessions on site and undercover before travelling. We will, of course, keep you updated about our progress en route.


















Day 3

We’re really in the groove now and there’s talk of not coming home! More from the children than the staff though. The children have been treated to some fine Welsh sun and heat and most were inspired to summit the mountain. To the south, the Brecon Beacons poke proudly skyward and to the north, the spectacular sight of Cader Idris (The Giants seat) beckoning your eye towards the Snowdonia national park. Sadly, Ireland was a little too hazy but these mountains and valleys are a playground for the RAF so fighter jets and Hurricanes were seen above (and at one point below) on manoeuver. The wind dropped enough for one group to get out on the kayaks, followed by raft building and the obligatory ‘jump-in’. The final group stayed on site and had a quiet day of low ropes challenges, blindfolded zip wire team games, catapult building, archery and the inflatable assault course. The fun didn’t end after dinner. The children split there time between visiting the shop (you’re in for some lovely thank you presents on our return) and preparing there room for official inspections – a Year 6 tradition. Points were deducted by the thorough team for broken light bulbs, smudged mirrors and wardrobes that failed to transport Mr Law to Narnia, however, many teams were able to make this back with offerings of sweets, delightful hospitality and songs, magic tricks and even a chance to play on some video games – complete with gaming chairs. An excellent effort by all… winners to be announced!




























Day 2

We’ve had another spectacular day in Powys. A fabulous days weather has allowed the children to enjoy some wonderful adventures. Two groups have tackled and defeated the mighty Plymlimon Mountain (752m) and discovered the source of Britain’s longest river – the Severn (although it would appear someone else may have got their first and planted an enormous post in the ground to mark the spot!) Those children will be first off to sleep tonight – thankful not to be walking any further for a few hours. Two groups went to the depleted reservoir and built rafts and learnt bushcraft. A calmer day at the hall also meant Mr Taylor was able to capture some spectacular shots of his group in action whilst emulating Robin Hood and co. After a hearty meal, the children sang songs around the campfire, enjoyed the clear skies and stargazed and heard the (mostly fictional) tale of David Davies – a local hero who’s statue stands over the narrow bridge crossing the far wider River Severn at the end of Broneirion Hall’s drive.  Below are a few photographs from the day. We will make all photographs available to view through your child’s login on the VLE when we return to school.





















We have arrived! After navigating our way around the many corridors and rooms, children settled into their dorms. As soon as the suitcases been dragged up the stairs, it was straight on with the first outfit. Three groups were kitted up ready for the bracing temperatures of the gorge, while two groups remained on site to build catapults, race around in water zorbs and fire arrows at a target. Having had a hearty meal (and pud!), the children are currently enjoying games and challenges outside with the aim of softening their rambunctious streak before bedtime.

It was colder than it looked!

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