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A warm welcome to our school where we are always busy learning and having fun. Please use the pages of our website to look around the school and see what work we have been doing and what projects and events we have been involved with.

The staff and pupils would like to share some of their exciting projects that they have been working on in class and after school. If you have enjoyed visiting our web site then please feel free to visit the school. This is an excellent opportunity to see the children in a learning environment and to ask any questions. The school’s ethos and values are encapsulated in the key phrase that accompanies our new logo.

The strapline encapsulates three features of the school that informs the way we work with the children and school family. Firstly, Outwoods Edge serves a diverse community and we recognise that children come to school with different needs, experiences and expectations. Therefore every day in school is important to ensure that all children develop a love of learning and a belief in themselves that they can succeed. Finally, one of our key goals is to ensure that children are equipped to continue this success at secondary school and that they develop the ambition and drive to aim high when they look to the future.

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