Curriculum - Core Subjects

English - Writing

At Outwoods Edge, we are passionate about giving our children the best possible writing education. When the children of Outwoods Edge move on to the next stage of their education, we aspire for them to have a life-long enjoyment of writing. Through the teaching of writing at Outwoods Edge, the children at our school will become confident communicators through spoken and written language. We aim for every child, every day to be given the best opportunity to become the most effective writer they can be. For our pupils to achieve this, we follow our Talk 4 Writing approach as well as having free writing weeks to ensure that they are given a balance of writing opportunities.

Our Writing Lead is Miss Alice Lawes. Please make an appointment to see her if you would like any further information about the teaching of English at Outwoods Edge.

The Outwoods Way of Writing Updated 2021 KS1.pdf
The Outwoods Way of Writing Updated 2021 KS2.pdf
Whole School Writing LTP FS KS1.pdf
Whole School Writing LTP KS2.pdf