Extra-Curricular Sport

At Outwoods Edge Primary School, we are keen to extend children's learning beyond the classroom, and see participation in sport after-school as a vital part of our offer to children and to families. We value the opportunity to take part in competitive sport, as well as offering a broad range of 'inclusive' opportunities to give as many of our children as possible the chance to represent Outwoods Edge in competitions. Our extra-curricular provision is currently managed by Mr Wilson, Co-Headteacher, and Mr Taylor, Assistant Headteacher.

Where we can, our teaching staff volunteer to coach and prepare our teams for tournaments, as well as giving up their time to attend the competition itself to support each team. 

We also work alongside local providers, such as FCS Coaching, to get children ready to compete against other children from other schools, and also to support them on the day of their competition. 

For more information on FCS Coaching, please visit: https://fcscoaching.co.uk/ 

In accordance with the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) document 2023, our school must work alongside external providers to ensure that they comply with safeguarding procedures and good practice.


Extra-curricular sport schedule

Autumn Term 2023

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Spring term 2024

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Summer term 2024

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