As an academy, Outwoods Edge is both a charity and a limited company.  There is a board of governors who are responsible for ensuring the school is successful.  They are also the Board of Trustees in charity law and the Board of Directors in company law.

All members of the board serve for four years, except the Headteacher and Deputy Head, who are appointed ex officio.

The board is currently composed as follows: 

Academy Governors List

The following members of the Board ceased serving in the last academic year: 

Governors ceased in last year.xlsx

Contacting the Governing Body

The Chair of Governors, Mrs Emma Moore, can be contacted directly by emailing

Further information about the Governing Body

The full Board of Governors meets four times a year. This is supplemented by the work of committees. The current committee structure can be found opposite:

Outwoods Edge - Committee membership and meeting dates for 2022- 2023 - v7.pdf
Outwoods Edge - Governor meeting attendance 2020-2021.docx.pdf

As trustees of a charity, all trustees have to declare their business interests. The current list can be found here, also the attendance of each governor at meetings:

The scheme of delegation controls which decisions are made by the head, each committee and the full governing body.  The current one can be found here:

Scheme of Delegation Planner Feb 23.pdf